Words by Sean Hotchkiss
Photography By Justin Chung

Angus McIntosh, Ennis McIntosh

Brooklyn, NY

It stands in the annals of New York City that very few of its inhabitants will ever go from handing out flyers in Times Square to owning their own design company, but even the possibility of such a reversal of fortune is why New York is such a special city—and why Angus McIntosh has such a likeable story.
McIntosh grew up in Australia, in a family of woodworkers. His grandfather is a master carpenter—“To this day, he’s still a better carpenter than I’ll ever be”—and Angus, himself, began the process to become a licensed carpenter when he was just in high school. “I got a job with a large construction firm and rose through the ranks pretty quickly,” he says. “I went from a carpenter to a foreman. I was the youngest guy in the company at the time and in line for another promotion.” Then New York came barging into his life. ●

Full story available in
Faculty Department Vol. 1.

Full story available in Faculty Department Vol. 1.

Photographed in 2014 – Brooklyn, NY