Film and Photographs by Justin Chung

Harry Eloyan, Camera Max

Los Angeles, CA

November 28, 2022
Los Angeles, CA

Harry's been repairing my cameras ever since relocating back to California. I love shooting with film cameras, but they often need repairing, and Harry has always been there for me.

Here's some photographs and a short film below from an afternoon with Harry.

Transcript below:

"When I moved to America then I started working for Nikon for five years and then after that, I opened my own.

Before that, I used to have my camera I used to have a darkroom, printing you know, developing but I never fixed cameras before that, so Nikon trained me on how to fix cameras.

Sometimes, it's creative you know; new models, new repairs or something– but it's not easy.

Sometimes it's very complicated when you troubleshoot for a couple of hours and then you pinpoint the problem and you know that's just going to take just five minutes to complete the repair.

You know you're going to be rewarded that's the favorite part you know working with cameras is always fun because, it's your memory; it's your life you're recording, you know, that's the exciting part I think."

Harry Eloyan
Camera Max, Montrose, CA

Film by Justin Chung
Director of Photography: Thomas Kovacik
Film Scans: Negative Lab