Words by Justin Chung
Photography By Justin Chung

Jens Risom, Furniture Designer

New Canaan, Connecticut

Design has come to have an increasing influence on my work in recent years; when I see something so beautifully crafted that it feels timeless, it has a profound impact on me. To make something at that level, and to be able to refine all the elements until it becomes pure and functional—as though it was not designed at all, or that there would be no other way in approaching it—this is the feeling I want to achieve in my work.
My approach is to present each photograph as natural and honest with no trickery behind it; an image as real as a moment that the human eye might have captured. A moment that is balanced and lasting. As I started to research and become familiar with some of the greatest contributions to design, I began honing in on my design heroes; individuals that carried out a particular design aesthetic that I thought translated similarly to how I approach photography. I first discovered furniture designer, Jens Risom, through an article on the vacation home he built for his family in Rhode Island. ●

Full story available in Faculty Department Vol. 1.

Photographed in 2014 – New York, NY.