With Tokuhiko Kise of TRUCK Furniture in Los Angeles

I first met Tok back in 2012 from my first visit to TRUCK Furniture in Osaka. From what was supposed to be just a casual meeting turned into a whole day spent with him. After reviewing the film when I returned back home in New York, it was those photographs that really kickstarted my personal work of studio visits and artist profiles, which eventually led to Faculty Department. Looking back, Tok was the first subject photographed for Faculty Department and you can read about that story in the first volume here.

It's been great getting to know Tok over the years and have been able to see him more often as he builds out his LA showroom–the first location of TRUCK outside of his main facility in Osaka.

Here's some photographs from my time with him recently.


TRUCK Furniture
Tokuhiko Kise–Faculty Department Book (2014).