Faculty Department Vol. 2

$95 USD

Second volume featuring twenty three stories of noteworthy individuals worldwide.

I’m proud to present Faculty Department Vol. 2, a collection of twenty-three chapters that take you inside the lives of those that I admire deeply. Within these stories, I hope you will find small reminders to enjoy the simple, often subtle, things that make life meaningful for all of us.—Justin Chung


Hardcover / Smythe Sewn / 270 x 205mm (10 5/8 x 8 1/8")
23 stories / 372 pages / 578 Photographs
Printed in Italy. ISBN 978-0-578-54737-4

Esteban del Río, University of San Diego
Shoichiro Aiba, LIFE Restaurant
Ally Walsh & Casey Wojtalewicz, Canyon Coffee
Deborah Royer, Le Labo
Yunice Kang & Chris McElrath, Sanso & Contact Photo Lab
Jenna & Brad Holdgrafer, Formerly Yes
Patrick Johnson, P. Johnson Tailors
Ichiro Nakatsu, Orslow
Chris Gentile, Pilgrim Surf + Supply
Matt Dick, Small Trade Co.
Evan Kinori, Evan Kinori
Fanny Singer & Mariah Nielson, Permanent Collection
Kirill Bergart, County Ltd.
Julian Klincewicz, Film Maker
John Zabawa, Artist
Miro Chun, Miro Made This
Olivier Abry, Wo & Wé
Guy Okazaki, Surfboard Maker
Jessie James, Supply Paper Co.
Rosa Park & Rich Stapleton, Cereal
Hamish Smyth, Order
Niels Strøyer Christophersen, Frama
Harry Gesner, Architect

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