Words by Lucy Brook
Photographed by Justin Chung

Sam Lambert, Art Comes First

London, UK

“I’m always going to work with my hands, always be hands on,” says Sam Lambert, holding out his left palm to reveal an intricate tattoo of a pair of scissors. “It’s a reminder that our hands are the most important tools we have,” he says of the ink. “I come from a background where everything is made by hand, and everything that your hands create contains a little of the spirit of the person who made it."
Lambert and his friend Shaka Maidoh founded Art Comes First, a dynamic fashion collective devoted to the creation of beautiful, tailored cloth and the exploration of subcultures through design, in London in 2010. With a revolving roster of esteemed collaborators, including milliner Matteo Gioli, Denham Jeans designer (and Lambert and Maidoh’s mentor) Liam Maher and menswear designer Ozwald Boateng, Art Comes First has evolved into a fashion force to be reckoned with. Lambert and Maidoh are driven by more than simply producing garments though, imbuing their work with a sense of history and culture and weaving broad inspirations—from photography and art to music and film—through their collections. — Full story available in Faculty Department Vol. 1

Full story available in Faculty Department Vol. 1.

Photographed in 2014 – London, United Kingdom.