Words by Sean Hotchkiss
Photographed in New York, New York

Ted Harrington, Terrapin Stationers

New York, NY

Details of Ted's former workspace in Manhattan

It’d be easy to mistake Ted Harrington’s crassness for lack of creativity—after all, isn’t a card that reads “FUCK OFF” the quickest and easiest way to get attention from semi-stiff fashion folk? But if you were to take Ted’s often expletive-laden banter that way, you’d be more than mislead. Harrington has established himself as a refreshing voice in his field—and practically the only printer doing exactly what he does, the way he does.
In the early 80s, Harrington was an executive working for his father’s printing company—Stationers Engraving Company—at 5 East 17th Street, just off of Union Square. He admits it was not the sexiest of jobs. “I had a little office with a window that looked out onto the street,” Ted says. “Giorgio Armani was located nearby—and one day a woman came by and ordered some invitations for her wedding—that was my first foothold into that world.” Word spread quickly, and whenever someone from Armani needed invitations, notecards, and the like, they’d go see the kid with the little office at Stationers Engraving. ●

Full story available in Faculty Department Vol. 1.

Photographed in 2014 – New York, NY.