Words by David Kenji Chang
Photography By Justin Chung

Ichiro Nakatsu, orSlow

Nishinomiya, Japan

Ichiro Nakatsu is prone to getting lost in his work. “Honestly, I’m not great at maintaining balance,” he confesses. We’re in his home, a log house in Nishinomiya, just outside of Osaka. His Labrador, Max, stalks the room behind him. “When your hobby becomes your job, it can be hard to strike a line between work and play.”
Nakatsu applies old-world techniques to make workwear staples — workwear for a life of play. He’s currently wearing a heathered, loopwheel sweatshirt and faded, rope-dyed jeans: clothes made to be lived in. His designs are inspired by an aesthetics of indirectness, the chance beauty of second-hand objects and materials. He surrounds himself with what he loves: a loft bedroom is dedicated to his archive of vintage utility wear, and he’s a fan of classic cars and motorcycles. But his first love, his sacred text, is denim.

Full story available in the upcoming Faculty Department Vol. 2 (coming Fall 2019)

Photographed in 2018 – Nishinomiya, Japan