Words by Jay Carroll
Photography by Justin Chung

John Zabawa, Artist

Los Angeles, CA

An artist and a graphic designer, Zabawa is a recent west coast transplant from his native Chicago, where he cut his teeth on agency work. There is an obvious excitement and freedom he’s discovered in his first big move to Los Angeles and the effect it’s had on his artwork, an influence he wants to explore further in more travel.
“Something I'm becoming infatuated by is if I did move to Santa Fe what would that be like? Or if I moved to Tokyo? I don't know those types of things excite me and also kind of scare the shit out of me because I think every person wants to find their comfort zone, right? It's a way to make and find peace and solidarity and kindness by being comfortable. But I think that's the vehicle of the artist is to consistently change, to never feel comfortable.”

Full story available in Faculty Department Vol. 2

Photographed in 2019 – Los Angeles, CA