Words by Jenny Bahn
Photography by Justin Chung

Kirill Bergart, County Ltd.

Los Angeles, CA

He was told there would be bananas and Coke. Born in the Ukraine in 1987, Kirill Bergart’s family moved to Orange County, California, when he was eight. In an attempt to soften the shock of the move, his mother had promised him a land of readily accessible tropical fruits and sugary sodas — a young kid’s Post-Communist version of the American Dream.
The home Bergart left behind was a no-frills affair. Black and white photographs hung on the walls of the living room, images captured by his father, an amateur photographer. Otherwise, little else stands out in Bergart’s memory. “It was a nice, simple space,” Bergart recalls, adding, with a low laugh, “Very European.” Now an artist, designer, and curator based in Los Angeles, Bergart’s work retains a sense of that foundational austerity. “The Ukrainian part of me comes out in my appreciation for simplicity. I like things raw and organic, not overdone. It’s tough to explain, but I’m feeling it more as I get older. It shows through in my designs.”

Full story available in the upcoming Faculty Department Vol. 2 (coming Fall 2019)

Photographed in 2018 – Los Angeles, CA