Words by Justin Min
Photography by Justin Chung

Matt Dick, Small Trade Co.

San Francisco, CA

It’s a breezy Sunday afternoon on the cusp of summer, and Matt Dick is sitting on a bench overlooking the Hudson, opening a bag of tortilla chips. “The thing I miss most about San Francisco is the Mexican food. And good tortilla chips.”
Matt is still getting acquainted with the city; he moved east a few months ago in the fall of 2018 after closing Small Trade Company, the design studio he’d owned and operated in San Francisco since 2010. “I’ve been shapeshifting since then, rediscovering myself. It’s been kind of thrilling.”
And yet, sitting there, in his weathered white shirt, black boots and trousers, and the glasses he’s owned for most of his adult life, Matt continues to embody the ethos of his former company wherever he goes. “I was always drawn to worn clothing — the way people used to need and love their clothes. People owned one coat to protect themselves from the cold, and it became a part of who they were. We now live in a culture that is all about replacement and disposability. Our relationship to our clothes is so different now.”

Full story available in the upcoming Faculty Department Vol. 2 (coming Fall 2019)

Photographed in 2017 – San Francisco, CA