Words by Matilda Bathhurst
Photography by Justin Chung

Patrick Johnson, P. Johnson Tailors

Sydney, Australia

For a tailor, Patrick Johnson doesn’t talk all that much about clothes. More important is the question of the best fishing spots in Sydney Harbour, and what time to hit the beach on crowded weekends. This is a man who grew up crazy-racing quadbikes around his family’s farm in South Australia, and whose happiest moments are spent by the ocean with his wife and two young children. That isn’t to say his craft is somehow secondary – his obsession with cuts, collars, dyes and weaves has afforded him legendary status in the world of made-to-measure tailoring. It’s a status he wears with easy informality, like a fine-knit sweater slung around the shoulders. After all, he stumbled upon the secret of his craft early in his career: good design is the natural expression of a life well lived.
“Our clients tend to be people who take on a lot – they’re traveling constantly, jumping between work and play, leading large scale projects and often having to maintain a public image. Individuals come to us to develop a wardrobe which fits their idea of their best self, but that starts with self-awareness and an honest approach to what they want from life. It’s not about the clothes at the end of the day.”

Full story available in Faculty Department Vol. 2

Photographed in 2019 – Sydney, Australia