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Inside the Lives of
Noteworthy Individuals.

Faculty Department is a personal photography project and visual journey by Justin Chung that focuses on the lives, spaces and stories of creative individuals worldwide. Chung’s interest in photographing creative people came alive when he moved to New York City to pursue a career in commercial fashion photography and portraiture in 2011. Chung found that while he was inspired by the work these creatives were producing, what he felt most connected to was their process—how the smallest intricacies in their daily lives contributed to making them the most effective, most happy, and most real. It is these intimate details Chung hopes to capture in the pages of Faculty Department.

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Inside the lives of
noteworthy individuals.
  • Faculty Department

    Hardcover / Smythe Sewn / 7.5" x 9.5" / 265 Pages
    Edition of 2800 / Printed in Iceland, Oddi Printing
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    Faculty Department
  • Faculty Department offers a glimpse inside the lives of noteworthy individuals—while at work, inside their homes, during a particular daily routine or within the stillness of a moment. It is my hope that these vignettes offer a rich perspective on these individuals' philosophies and approach to life; things we can all learn from, or simply appreciate. —Justin Chung
    Thomas Lehoux
    Lauren Snyder
    Frank Muytjens
    Lorin Stein
    Tokuhiko Kise
    Philip Crangi
    Angus McIntosh
    Richard Haines
    Filippa Hallstensson
    Sam Lambert
    Ted Harrington
    Kristoffer Dahy Ernst
    Jens Risom
    Sean Hotchkiss
    Chris Wallace
    Jonathan Evans
    Kevin Burrows
    Lucy Brook
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    • Faculty Department
    • Thomas Lehoux
    • Angus McIntosh
    • Filippa Hallstensson
    • Richard Haines
    • Art Comes First
    • Tokuhiko Kise
  • Feature Preview

    “We never wanted to be just carpenters; design and build was always the idea for us.”
    Angus McIntosh, Ennis McIntosh
    Angus McIntosh
    Sean Ennis and Angus McIntosh at work
  • Feature Preview

    “It's the same to make a book or furniture or a cafe, I believe. I want to put all my energy into making the best thing.”
    Tokuhiko Kise, Truck Furniture
    Tokuhiko Kise
    At Truck Furniture / Tokuhiko and Junior
  • Feature Preview

    “The only way I know how to approach what I do is by my instincts, I always try to be honest with myself.”
    Lauren Snyder, The Primary Essentials
    Lauren Snyder
    Book inspirations at home
  • Design Process
    • Faculty Department Moodboard
    • Iceland
    • Press Check at Oddi Printing
    • Making of: Vancouver
    • Making of: Vancouver
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